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Champ Camp ’13

That’s right! Liv Lax is headed back East in July to attend Champ Camp. In its 24th year, Champ Camp continues to be one the most elite tournaments in the country with the highest level of competition. Rarely attended by West Coast teams (1 to be exact), Liv Lax is offering the unique opportunity to play at high level against some of the best teams on the East Coast. Due to the competitiveness of Champ Camp, this opportunity is really for committed players at a high skill level who are looking to advance to the next level. The Champ Camp Tournament Team will consist of some of the best players in and outside the Los Angeles area. To inquire about the opportunity to join Champ Camp, contact Coach Brock at


Champ Camp ’13

  • Date: July 2013.
  • Location: John Hopkins University, Towson University (Baltimore, MD area).
  • Practice: 6-10 Practices will be held at Crespi HS prior to Champ Camp.
  • Roster: The roster will be assembled by Coach Brock and his coaching staff.
  • Registration Fee: TBD
  • Tournament Website: To learn more about Champ Camp, visit

More information will be available as the Tournament date approaches.

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