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Training 2020

Liv Lax Training Sessions-Round 2 Now Open!

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*For the safety of participants and coaches all sessions will be conducted in accordance with the current state and local health guidelines. 

Looking for Training Sessions designed specifically for the Lacrosse athlete?  The Liv Lax Training Sessions are just that! These 1 hour sessions include speed and agility training as well as strength conditioning designed for the Lacrosse player.  The speed and agility part of the session will work with athletes on quick feet, ability to change direction, muscle stamina, hip movement, eye-hand coordination and balance.   The strength conditioning portion of the session will focus on explosiveness, power, and strength and flexibility for shooting velocity.  As the fastest game on two feet becomes even faster and players are becoming stronger, these sessions will give players at all skill levels and ages an advantage when competing. Sessions are available in 2 options 1) small groups (10 or less) or 2) individual/sibling lessons.

A typical session:
10 minutes: Dynamic Warm-up
20 Minutes: Plyometrics
30 Minutes: Strength Training

Small Group Training (Up to 10 players):

Liv Lax will follow the CIFSS proposed guidelines for return to sports for Lacrosse: “Conditioning, individual ball skill drills, no contact or sharing of balls. A player may shoot with a ball(s) but a team should not practice/pass a single ball among the team where multiple players touch same ball.”

Training Sessions Round 2:  The next 2 weeks (July 20 & July 27) we will mix things up and play other sports that are beneficial to the game of Lacrosse.  This will be a mix of speed and strength training along with drills/games from other sports (basketball, kickball, etc). All games/drills will be no contact. We may move around to different parks based on the space we need for a particular day.

  •  Who: Boys & Girls ages 10-18 (if younger than 10 please notify Coach Brock,
  •  Dates: Week 1 July 20-22-24, Week 2 July 27-29-31
  •  Times: 8am-12pm (groups will be divided up by age and/or position and assigned a one hour time slot with no session exceeding 10 players)
  •  Days: Mon, Wed, Fri
  •  Location: Balboa Park, Reseda Recreation Center or another local park.
  •  Cost: $75/week ($25 per session)
  •  Additional Cost: All player must be current US Lacrosse Members ($35/player) to Participate in Liv Lax Sessions. US Lacrosse Membership
  • What to Bring: Gloves, Sticks, Water (please label), Weights (milk jugs filled with water work great!)

Individual/Sibling Training Session:

If you are more comfortable with individual/sibling training please see info below. Since it is only 1 player (or players that reside together), I will incorporate shooting drills with a goal. 

  • Who: Boys & Girls all ages, all skill level
  • Dates: June 29-August 29
  • Times: 8am-12pm
  • Days: Tues & Thurs
  • Location: Balboa Park or Reseda Recreation Center
  • Cost:
    • 1 Session (1 hour): $75
    • 5 Sessions (5 hours): $300 ($60 per session)
    • 10 Sessions (10 hours): $500 ($50 per session)
  • Additional Cost: All player must be current US Lacrosse Members to Participate in Liv Lax Sessions
  • What to Bring: Helmets/Goggles, Gloves, Sticks, Water (please label), Weights (milk jugs filled with water work great!)

Safety Requirements for Participating in Liv Lax Training Sessions:

  • Enter the field with 6 feet distance between you and any other person entering.
  • Please place your bag and gear 6′ from each other.
  • Campers will be required bring their own water, please label.
  • Campers will be required to bring their stick, helmet/goggles & gloves, there will be no loaner equipment available at this time.
  • Campers will be required to bring their own weights (empty milk cartons filled with water/sand work just as good-be creative!).
  • We will practice social distancing, drills will be set up to be at least 6 feet apart, there will be no contact, for small group sessions we will not do any group passing drills or shooting until we enter the next phase of return to play.
  • Temperature checks will done daily (staff and players). Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or above will be not be able to participate and a refund for that day will be given.
  • Once your session is over, please collect your items and exit the field. Sessions will be schedule 30 minutes apart to allow one group to leave and the next group to arrive without any overlap.
  • All participants must be US Lacrosse Members and have all waivers signed to participate.



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