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Liv Lax Lacrosse Fitness Sessions

Looking for Personal Training Sessions designed specifically for  Lacrosse players?  The Lacrosse Fitness Sessions are just that! These 1 hour sessions include speed and agility training as well as strength conditioning designed for the Lacrosse player.  The speed and agility part of the session will work with athletes on quick feet, ability to change direction, muscle stamina, hip movement, eye-hand coordination and balance.   The strength conditioning portion of the session will focus on explosiveness, power, and strength and flexibility for shooting velocity.  As the fastest game on two feet becomes even faster and players are becoming stronger, these sessions will give players at all skill levels and ages an advantage when competing.

  • 1 Session: $60
  • 5 Sessions: $275 ($55 per session)
  • 10 Sessions: $500 ($50 per session)

A typical session:

  • 10 minutes: Dynamic Warm-up
  • 20 Minutes: Plyometrics
  • 30 Minutes: Strength Training

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Liv Lax Goalie Sessions

These 1 hour sessions are designed to work with a Goalie on quickness, positioning, concentration, communication and clearing. Coach Brock will work with a Goalie on reading the offense while understanding how to stop different types of shots. These sessions will  build a Goalie’s confidence as they grow their knowledge of the game.

  • 1 Session: $60
  • 5 Sessions: $275 ($55 per session)
  • 10 Sessions: $500 ($50 per session)

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Liv Lax Skill Sessions

These 1 hour sessions are designed to work with Lacrosse athletes on specific Lacrosse skills. Coach Brock can design sessions around offensive stick skills, defensive stick skills, foot work and dodging while building Lacrosse IQ.  These sessions will be informative, instructional and will push athletes at all skill level to reach their potential.

  • 1 Session: $60
  • 5 Sessions: $275 ($55 per session)
  • 10 Sessions: $500 ($50 per session)

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Liv Lax Assessment Session

This 1 hour session is perfect for players at all skill levels that want specific instruction on how to get better. Designed to give players an honest assessment on  areas to improve on and recommendations to reaching their goals, this session will test players on speed, accuracy, agility, strength and skills specific to their position. Once the session is completed and within 24 hours, the athlete will receive a written assessment and specific recommendations to improve their level of play.

  • 1 Session: $45

Contact Us today to schedule your Liv Lax Assessment Session with Coach Brock!


Liv Lax “East Meets West”  Training

This 3 week session is designed for Lacrosse athletes participating in East Coast camps. These sessions will prepare the West Coast athlete to compete at an East Coast level and get the most out of their camp experience. Having attended and coached in many East Coast camps, Coach Brock can prepare players to excel at the camp as well get athletes in top shape prior to camp season. It is recommended that this session is done one month prior to the camp.

  • 3 Week Session: $300
  • Total of 9 sessions: 3 2-hour sessions per week

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